If Youre A Side Sleeper, The Pillow Will Press Down Into Your Shoulder Causing Upper Back And Neck Pain.

There are several additional types of pillows that can be used, for example a knee pillow. Since you spend a good chunk of your life sleeping, one of the best ways to ensure sweet dreams is to get the most comfortable pillows you can find. Memory Foam is obtained by adding chemicals to polyurethane which increases its viscosity level and density. The best part is, they are firmer in the cool temperatures and softer when they are warm. Sleep Like The Dead Editor Discusses Pillow Type Pros and Cons Summary of Pillow Type Pros and Cons Pros: Generally supportive and contouring • above-average potential for neck pain relief • height / loft adjustable by adding or removing hulls • good air flow Cons: Too firm for some • some noise • too small for some • somewhat heavy • door possible • may need to experiment to determine right fill quantity Read detailed buckwheat pillow reviews & ratings based on 3,118 actual owner experiences. With the shipping weight only 2.1 pounds, this kind of pillow will be perfect to be placed in your sleeping area. This is not the end-all-be-all of pillows. Pros: Soft • often holdable and cuddly • fairly long-lasting and durable • often inexpensive Cons: Can lack adequate support and loft • quills may poke through cover • some noise / rustling • need to fluff / shake to maintain loft and comfort • door possible Read detailed feather pillow reviews & ratings based on 875 actual owner experiences.

Are you wondering if you fall into that 82%? Warning Sign: Pillow Too High/Low When your pillow is too high, it causesthe muscles in your neck to stretch and takes the spine out of alignment. In the image shown below, the womans spine is curved at the top. This will leave your neck feeling very stiff throughout the day, causing it to be uncomfortable while performing daily tasks. If youre a side sleeper, the pillow will press down into your shoulder causing upper back and neck pain. To balance this out, many people tend to lift one of their legs forward (almost as if their leg was at a 90-degree angle) leading to lower back pain. Via: Facebook.com If your pillow is too low it will cause your neck muscles to sag into the pillow, leaving your spine curved. As said in the above paragraph, this will cause neck pain and stiffness. One study found that latex pillows are best for sleeping, and feather pillowsare more likely to cause neck pain.

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This will ease the stress and improve sleep quality. Additionally, it is well established that pain can disrupt sleep, contributing to a vicious cycle of pain disrupting sleep, and sleep problems contributing to pain. Sitting on a do nut pillow simply takes pressure off of that area of the spine. The goal is a pillow that gives you good support as well as a good night's sleep. Cuddledown Sateen Synthetic Fill Contour Cradle Gusseted A special shoulder cut-out makes this Domfy pillow perfect for propping up dedicated side snookers. A lumbar pillow, on the other hand, has a design that is suited to support the lower back. Feather pillows standard shape were the warmest. Garnet Hill Signature Jacquard Down $130 to $178, garnet hill.com Its lofty down fill explains the price.

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